A soft Guide to the Floating Trees (2021)
Can we see the Trees for the Trees? In Berlin, the City Trees are often regarded as bystanders: silent passersby in our daily lives.
Planted for different reasons and embedded in strong bureaucratic and historic structures, they make up a large part of our urban surroundings and our wellbeing.

‘A Soft Guide to the Floating Trees’ is a site-specific audio-walk for the Floating University. This nature-culture learning space is located in the former rainwater retention basin of the Tempelhofer feld in Berlin.  During the audio-walk, the listener walks in solitude along the Tree-ring, a reversed island around the body of water which is usually both the literal and figural center of attention. They are invited to listen to notice the trees and be properly introduced.

Duration: 30:00

The project was launched during the 2021 edition of the Climate Care festival, curated by Gilly Karjevsky & Rosario Talevi.

Concept and Voice: Cleo Wächter
Editing and Music: Santiago Carrión Acros
Sound support: Hans Poel
Graphic design support: Manus Nijhoff
Artistic and text support: Harriet Meyer
Toothpick font: Approximate Type

A special thanks goes out to Stefan Kreft and Erika Mayr, Gilly Karjesvky, Rosario Talevi, Jeanne Astrup–Chauvaux, Ben, Maddalena, Serena, Eliza and the whole team of the Floating.