Mapping the New Geology of the Netherlands (2015)
‘The Anthropocene’ stands for ‘the era of the human’. It’s a geological term which acknowledges that people are the biggest geological factor to this earth. In 2015 a group of geologists was on the brink of deciding if we would officially reject the term ‘holocene’ (the geological era we live in now) and acknowledge our influence by altering our vocabulary.

In this project I looked for places in The Netherlands which mankind has physically touched and adjusted in a recent time-frame. None of the processes that I photographed took longer than 80 years.  They are underlining the aforementioned influence. How do we approach the landscape? And, most importantly, will we act more consciously after naming our actions?

The project was made in the frame-work of my graduation at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. It is accompanied by a text by Frank Wesselingh, Geologist.

* Graduation Exhibition (2015)
Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
Prints on Semi-matte Museumpaper
30 x 45 cm, 5 + 2 AP

*   Publication Anthropocene - Mapping the New Geology of the Netherlands

32x22 cm, edition of 75
28 pages + appendix of 12 pages
photography: Cleo Wächter
Graphic Design: Cleo Wächter with the help of Kasper Pyndt