Catfish (2021–Ongoing)
Catfish is an audio-visual project in collaboration with Berlin-based producer Felix Nicholson. Felix makes ambient music in correspondence with my ambient images. Our goal is to tell slow stories and make use of methods that force to de-haste, like an overhead projector. Our first performance told the story of two cats, trying to find their way in the world. We are currently exploring the four seasons of the wallflower. 

Performed at ‘MicroMoon’, December 2021, Pandora Gallery, March 2022 and as the opening act of Olivia Void, Kulturmarkthalle, Berlin (DE).


Sympathetic Magic (2021)
Macro photography for the LP Cover of Norwegian musician Kim Myhr’s album ‘Sympathethic Magic’. Art Direction by Tebbe Schönningh. My gratitude is also extended to Pixel and Dot Photography, Berlin.

Études in Riso (2022)
Commission for the PhD publication of researcher Veerle Spronck, which revolves around the question of audience participation of symphonic orchestras. For this I used a selection of fieldwork images made by Veerle Spronck to learn and experiment with the technique of digital screen printing. Within the restrictions of the machine I practised with one image at a time. To, through repetition, create new rhythmic compositions.

Micro Moon (2022)
Cyanotype Experiments, which were later used by artist Chloe Bellange for the poster of the music event ‘Micro Moon’, held in Lichtenberg, Berlin, December 2021.