Next to my own practice I enjoy giving insights about my work through talks, shared reading exercises, and workshops. I have experience teaching adolescents, higher education students and professional groups about technical photography, how to create alternative forms of dialogue and most recently I created the workshop Mapping as a Tool for Storytelling. 

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Mapping as a Tool for Storytelling (2021)

In this workshop we look into how one can use mapping as a tool for storytelling. What is the practice of mapping, actually? What kind of maps do we know? Can we think of examples like the songlines in Australia or medieval maps picturing local tales. Who has the power to map? What problems occur around it? What happens if we look beyond a map as an assumed objective tool and embrace its possibility for noting down subjective subtleties? Can we map the feeling of a place? And how can we use it to locate the stories we want to share?

Taught to various classes of Bachelor and MA students, on the site of the Floating University, 2021.

Photo credit: Juliette Lefèvre